Ficus ginseng

Ficus ginseng

Question: ficus ginseng

I have a bonsai ficus ginseng for more than 1 year now it has completely stripped (it has only 3 green leaves attached) what can I do to save it? will it die? I keep it at home and it has started shedding leaves with the arrival of the cold. advance for reply

Answer: ficus ginseng

Dear Varomina,

usually such a sudden loss of a large part of the foliage is due to an excess of watering; if the soil is always saturated with water, especially in winter when the plant is in dormant seeds, the roots are unable to breathe and it is as if the plant suffocated.

Since it is an indoor plant, stopping watering for a few days should dry out the soil. Afterwards remember to water the plant only when the soil is almost dry, and avoid soaking it with water.

In the spring, fertilize your plant once a month.

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