Atlas of parks and protected areas in Italy

Atlas of parks and protected areas in Italy

This section is dedicated to the Protected Areas of Italy (National, Regional, Provincial Parks, Natural Reserves, Marine Protected Areas, WWF Oasis, Biotopes, etc.). Elena Nelli, a graduate in sustainable Agrozootechnics from the University of Florence, Francesco Calzolari, a graduate in Forest and Environmental Sciences from the University of Florence, and Mariapia Calza, professor at the Maffei High School in Riva del Garda, collaborated in its realization. We also thank Prof. Laura Paganucci.

Atlas of Parks and Protected Areas in Italy

We have collected the most important protected areas of Italy divided by region in an atlas of easy consultation (synthetic cards with images).
Atlas of Wildlife Parks, Zoo Safaris and Aquariums in Italy.

Valle d'AostaPiedmontLombardySouth Tyrol Trentino
VenetoFriuli V. GiuliaLiguriaEmilia Romagna

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Protected areas in Italy affect almost 10% of the national surface. The link between parks and agriculture is close: centuries of life linked to a territory have produced a unique heritage of environment, culture and flavors, which represents the identity of a place and its people.

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