Ancient vegetables: Verzegnis turnip

Ancient vegetables: Verzegnis turnip

Production area and history

Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia
Production area: Municipality of Verzegnis (Province of Udine)

Traditionally, the cultivation of turnips in the Carnic municipality of Verzegnis (Udine) has been lost in the mists of time, so much so that the inhabitants are known with the nickname "gnaus", turnips

Verzegnis turnip (photo Ersa Friuli Venezia Giulia)


The root is largely red-violet in color with an equatorial / polar diameter ratio of approximately 1.46. The root has a white coloration in the lower quarter only. The root has a variable weight depending on the density of the plant, the soil characteristics and seasonality but it is generally between 600 and 800 g. The vegetative cycle, between transplant and harvest, is about 70 days. The root develops more than 70% outside the soil surface, the seeds are spherical and brown in color. The weight of 1000 seeds fluctuates between 2.5 and 3.5 grams.
The root is eaten fresh, in soups or used in the preparation of the brovada.

Cultivation technique

The production cycle from sowing to harvesting requires 90 days. The time of cultivation depends on the reproductive material used: June-July for direct sowing while July-August for transplanting. Harvesting takes place between September and October.


Verzegnis turnip is eaten fresh, in soups or in the preparation of brovada. In the latter case, the marc is often replaced by apples, which are more readily available locally. The result is a product with typical and particularly pleasant aromatic notes. The fresh product has been available locally since September while the Verzegnis turnip brovada is ready between October and April and must be consumed within 30 days of its packaging.
Verzegnis turnip is currently under-cultivated. The main difficulties related to cultivation are due to the difficult finding of the seed and the decrease in the farmers, few and mainly elderly.

Brovada DOP

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