Forest cultivation: Oak

Forest cultivation: Oak

Classification, origin and diffusion

Division: Spermatophyta Subdivision: Angiospermae
Class: Dicotyledones Family: Fagaceae

Originally from western and central and southern Europe. Difficult to encounter pure oak woods. It differs from downy oak for the larger size of the stem and for the lower side of the leaf which is hairless.

Oak leaf and fruit

Sprig of Oak (photo

General characteristics

Size and bearing
It can reach 40 meters in height. The foliage tends to expand upwards.
Trunk and bark
Straight trunk, more twisted in old specimens. The bark soon becomes wrinkled, brownish gray, with showy longitudinal furrows.
Deciduous, simple sheets, obovate-elongated lamina, lobed margin with rounded lobes.
Reproductive structures
Monoecious plant with unisexual flowers; the fruit is a classic acorn whose dome it covers is made up of very close lanceolate scales. The mature pericarp is oblong, brownish yellow, shiny.


Oak wood is one of the finest, used for flooring, furniture, barrels for the aging of wines and spirits, etc.

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