Drum mace

Drum mace

Origin and habitat of the drum bat

Macrolepiota procera, commonly known as 'drumstick', is undoubtedly one of the best known mushrooms used in the culinary field to prepare a large number of different dishes. Belonging to the 'agaricaceae' family, this mushroom is called parasol due to its size and its characteristic shape. It is also referred to as a 'parasol mushroom' as its open hat resembles a small umbrella. The name drum mallet instead it derives from the fact that the closed mushroom looks just like the tool in question. As for the habitat, the drum bats they grow in clearings and coniferous and deciduous forests and are usually found in small groups. These mushrooms then meet mainly in the summer and autumn and are now widespread in all Italian regions.

Drum mallet - Detail of the shank of a drum mallet">Characteristics and appearance of the drum mallet

To recognize a drum stick, you need to pay attention to some very specific characteristics. In fact, the mushroom has a spherical hat when closed which becomes flatter when opened. The margin is quite jagged while the cuticle is a light hazelnut color with small patches. The size of the hat generally ranges from 15 cm up to a maximum of 40 cm. The lamellas, on the other hand, tend to white and light pink towards the outside while in the center they are dark brown. The stem of the mushroom is up to 30-40 cm high and is mostly fleshy, straight and robust. The upper part is then covered by a kind of white ring under which you can see the typical white and brown scales. Finally the drum bats they have a smell vaguely reminiscent of hazelnut while the flavor is very strong and aromatic.

Edibility of the drumstick

As for the edibility of the drum sticks, it is good to remember that in principle these are edible mushrooms for which there is no problem as the species is edible and can be safely cooked without running risks. However, many are unaware that these mushrooms can be slightly toxic when eaten raw. To be edible, the drum stick always needs to be cooked for a long time and it is therefore advisable to avoid cooking it on the grill as the internal meats could remain raw. Alternatively, you can dry the mushrooms which will become not only more aromatic but also harmless to health. However, the advice is to always eat these mushrooms after careful cooking to avoid any form of poisoning.

Drum mace: How to cook drum mace

The drum sticks are among the most used mushrooms in the kitchen to prepare delicious and tasty dishes. The best part of this mushroom is certainly the big hat, perfect for breading and stir-fries. The stems, on the other hand, are more suitable for drying and can be ground into powder to add to sauces and pasta dishes. The open hats can be breaded to prepare small mushroom cutlets while the hats that are still closed are ideal for preparing beautiful omelettes. In any case, even the drum sticks can be sautéed like all the other mushrooms. If, on the other hand, you don't like fried foods but prefer something lighter, you can always cook the mushrooms in the oven with pepper and garlic. Finally, those who want to dare a little more can cook the parmigiana of drum sticks that is prepared with meat sauce, scamorza, parmesan, eggs and chilli.

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