Easter two-wheel tractor

Easter two-wheel tractor

Main features of the Pasquali walking tractor

The Pasquali company was founded in 194 and from then until today has produced high quality tractors, generators, motor mowers and walking tractors. Pasquali walking tractors are suitable for working on any type of terrain as well as in small vegetable gardens or large plots of land dedicated to intensive cultivation. It is perfect to be used for remaking lawns and lawns. Pasquali two-wheel tractors are equipped with a Power Safe hydraulic clutch to ensure safe use and excellent performance. They have a carefully studied design that associates modern technologies with the needs of its users. The strengths of these machines are their high performance and their maximum reliability in any situation.

Best-selling models

The best-selling models of the Pasquali walking tractors are those of the Powersafe series. They are well suited to be used on any type of terrain and are characterized by a quick reverser of the direction of travel. Some more expensive models have a locking differential as standard for greater ease of use. The parking brake is connected directly to the two wheels while the handlebars for driving can be adjusted according to your needs. Pasquali two-wheel tractors can have Honda petrol or Lombardini diesel engines. Machinery with diesel engines can also be equipped with an electric starter, while the most essential walking tractors have only one forward and one reverse gear. those a little more elaborate allow for a total of four gears.

Prices for the Pasquali walking tractor

The prices of Pasquali two-wheel tractors differ a lot from one model to another. While the more essential ones characterized by a reduced size have a basic price around 1,700 euros, the largest and super-equipped ones can even exceed 6 thousand euros.In general, the largest walking tractors are suitable for plowing large plots of land dedicated to intensive industrial-type crops.All agricultural vehicles of the company in question can be made more efficient by adding accessories suitable for carrying out more specific jobs related to earth moving.However, for those who want to have excellent working performance without facing too large an expense, there is the possibility of turning to the second-hand market.

Easter Motocultivator: The second-hand market

The second-hand market offers numerous models of Pasquali walking tractors still in good condition. Some companies refurbish those that are still in good condition and put them back on the market at lower prices of thirty or even forty percent off with a full two-year warranty.If you want to get bigger discounts, opt for older models that do not have too many hours of work. For prices of around 1,200 euros you will get real deals. Purchased only from authorized dealers to avoid unpleasant inconveniences and poor guarantees on the good performance of a non-new machine. Pasquali two-wheel tractors are made with high quality materials and technologies and even if purchased used, they offer high performance.

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