Azalea meaning

Azalea meaning

Let's know the azalea: plant and flower

The azalea is a plant that grows in humid high mountain areas. Originally from North America and the Far East, it was introduced in Italy around the nineteenth century. It is currently widespread in our country and grows spontaneously in shady areas next to waterways. The botanical classification of this species is complex: the azalea is not a genus in itself but belongs to the genus of the rhododendron, which is divided into two groups: the rhododendrons and, indeed, the azaleas. Both are evergreen shrubs, but the former is smaller in size than the latter. The azalea flower has a calyx formed by 5 sepals and a corolla with 5 petals. The flowering period depends on the variety of the flower and the climate: for this reason azaleas can bloom in early spring as well as in autumn.

Azalea meaning: what is it?

Azalea is an all-female flower. For this reason, in the language of flowers the azalea recalls the figure of the woman and, more precisely, the most important woman for each of us: one's mother. In this sense the azalea also represents the purest love there is, that is maternal love. Even the culture and traditions of the place of origin of this flower, associating it with the virtues of femininity and temperance, connect in some way this flower to the mother, universally considered the bearer of both these characteristics. Temperance, defined as the practice of moderation, is in fact a gift that is taught by each mother to their children to help them live with serenity and calmly face the tests of life. Precisely the "mysterious happiness" that mothers infuse their children represents one of the deepest meanings of this floral species.

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Azalea: alternative meaning

In reality, as with any flower, there is no unique meaning for the azalea. Often giving an azalea implies another type of message: the flower is often given to those who are about to face a decisive test, as luck is associated with it. This is a feature that has greatly favored its spread, so much so that it is common to give a bouquet of azaleas on the eve of an exam or an important business appointment. Traditionally, the meaning of azalea is still linked to femininity and temperance, qualities which, as mentioned, are typical of mothers. For this reason, every year, on the occasion of Mother's Day, the squares throughout Italy are filled with stalls of the Italian Association for Research against Cancer which, in exchange for a free offer, distribute azaleas.

Azalea meaning: The azalea: different meaning for each chromatic variety

Azalea is a plant known since ancient times for the nectar it is rich in. However, some species are very poisonous and, in this regard, some testimonies come to us from the Latin author Pliny. Perhaps this is the reason why, by choosing varieties of azaleas that are chromatically different from the traditional ones, one also chooses to send a completely different message. How to say: different azalea, opposite meaning. The meaning of a red azalea is, for example, very different from the traditional meaning of the flower, indicating the intention to take revenge. Similarly, giving yellow azaleas to a person implies little consideration for the recipient, who is considered a false person. Poisonous messages that perhaps the language of flowers metaphorically borrows from some characteristics of this still beautiful floral species.

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