Question: VASE SHRUB

Good evening, I would like some advice on which shrub to plant in pots placed outside, in front of a large window in full sunlight in the central hours of the day. I live in the Udine area (max summer temperatures 38 °, min winter -10 °). thank you so much


Dear Sonia,

fundamentally the choice of the plant to put in pot in front of the windows of your house, depends on you, on what your tastes are; I can only give you some suggestions. First of all, let's talk about pots: to keep a shrub in pot, in an area that receives the sun in the hottest hours of the day, it is advisable to have a large pot, with a diameter of at least 60 cm; the larger the pot, the larger and more branched the root system of your shrub will be, and the greater the amount of water you can supply to the plant, a key element during hot summer afternoons. That said, the choice is wide; surely the most resistant plants are also those you see in mixed edges, or in hedges, which are at the same time rustic and low-maintenance plants, such as viburnums, pittosporum, osmanthus (the name is a bit difficult, but they have very beautiful evergreen foliage, and lovely little autumn flowers, with an amazing scent); or if you love deciduous plants, even a beautiful lilac or a deciduous hibiscus, or even a campsis, with the splendid orange summer flowers; if you love creepers, and you can attach a stake or trellis to your pot, you can also plant a beautiful trachelospermum, better known as false jasmine, which gives great satisfaction. Oleanders are also very beautiful in pots, and the proximity to the case, combined with direct sun, will allow you not to worry about their rusticity. Roses are also excellent pot plants, in your case you can also choose a shrub plant, such as David Austin's English roses: in addition to having very showy and beautiful flowers, they are very remontant; but there are dozens of varieties of roses that can be indicated, although I would still choose a remontant variety, in order to have the plant with flowers from spring to cold autumn. Even a witch hazel could make an excellent figure in a large vase, and its particular flowers will surely impress you. Try taking a tour of the nursery, possibly in spring, to see the plants in their full splendor. In addition to the plant, choose an excellent soil, if possible ask the nursery if they can sell you professional planting soil, very rich and draining, in order to create a perfect home for your future shrub. I remind you that potted plants tend to have slightly greater water needs than their sisters placed in the ground, especially during hot summer days.

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